The directories and files of a Struts application

By: Gokul Verma  

You'll need to know the directory structure of a Struts application, and what's put in the directories. The "struts-blank" application is well-suited for this presentation, since it contains a minimum number of files:

The Struts directory structure - 

File or Directory name



Contains meta information. Used by utilities etc.


This is where you place you own Java classes.


Contains the messages (fixed texts) of the application. Error messages are also put here.


Contains the Struts servlet, helper classes, taglib code etc.


The Struts tag libraries.


A Struts configuration file. More on this later.


The usual configuration file for the servlet container. More on this later.


The jsp-files (and html-files) may be placed in the root of the application directory. "struts-blank" contains this single jsp-file.

The files and directories in a Struts application -

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