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1. The Twist and Yoga Ultrabooks

By: Ashley J : 2013-03-26

Description: The two new multi-touch Ultrabooks from Lenovo can function either as a tablet or a notebook. They are Twist and Yoga Ultrabooks. In this review we compare and look at some of the features of these two notebooks.

The twist is more suitable for business users while the Yoga suits the consumer . market. The following are the features.

2. Nokia Lumia 620 and Samsung ATIV S Windows Mobile phones

By: Standley : 2013-03-26

Description: Ninety percent of the Smartphone market is shared between Android phones and iPhones. Windows 8 phones and BlackBerry phones are fighting for the third place in the market. The top spots are taken by Samsung and Apple. In this review we discuss the features of the two new Widnows 8 phones from Nokia and Samsung.

3. Samsung Galaxy S4

By: Ashley J : 2013-03-15

Description: The long awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 has been finally launched. JK Shin, the President and head of IT and Mobile communication division, introduced Samsung's Galaxy S4 in New York on Thursday 14th March 2013. Here is a review of the features in Galaxy S4.

4. BB10 - BlackBerry Z10

By: Ashley J : 2013-03-14

Description: A few weeks back the new BB10 based BlackBerry Z10 phone was released. The second phone with BB10 operating system is Q10 which is set to launch in May. In this review we look at some of the features of this new phone by RIM.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

By: Ashley J : 2013-03-14

Description: Samsung is beefing up its tablet range with its Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 which sports a pen for writing on the screen, something that Apple's iPad Mini does. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 will have an 8-inch screen which is very close to the size of the Apple tablet which has a 7.9 inch screen.