iPhone Tutorials

1. SOLVED: tensorflow/contrib/lite/tools/mutable_op_resolver.h can not be found

By: Suresh : 2019-02-22

Description: Resolution for the error tensorflow/contrib/lite/tools/mutable_op_resolver.h can not be found in xcode

2. Making an HTTP Connection in iPhone Application

By: Jonathan Zdziarski : 2010-09-06

Description: You can use the CFHTTP API to create an HTTP request. This allows you to easily invoke HTTP GET, HEAD, PUT, POST, and most other standard requests. Creating a request involves the three-step process of creating the request object, defining the HTTP request message and headers, and serializing the message into raw protocol. Only HTTP POST requests generally contain a message body, which can contain POST form data to send. All other requests use an empty body while embedding the request parameters into the headers.

3. Making an FTP Connection in iPhone Application

By: Jonathan Zdziarski : 2010-09-06

Description: The CFFTP API is similar to the CFHTTP API, and relies on read streams to transmit FTP data. To create an FTP request, use the CFReadStreamCreateWithFTPURL function, as shown below. This will create the initial read stream to the FTP server:

4. Directory Structure for iPhone Applications

By: Jonathan Zdziarski : 2010-09-05

Description: Apple came up with an elegant way to contain applications in their operating system. As OS X is a Unix-based platform, Apple wanted to make it adhere to basic Unix file conventions, and so the resource forks of olde were no longer sufficient (or efficient, for that matter). The challenge was to design a structure that would allow an application to remain self-contained while surviving on a file system that didn't believe in cheapening its architecture with proprietary workarounds. The answer came from an older ancestor of Mac OS X named NeXT, which treated an application as a bundle represented within a directory. The bundle concept introduces an approach to group application resources, binaries, and other related files.

5. Multitasking in iPhone 4 - iOS 4

By: Brad Lee : 2010-08-26

Description: iOS 4 delivers seven new multitasking services that allow your apps to perform tasks in the background while preserving battery life and performance. These multitasking services include: