Cloud Tutorials

1. Install OpenStack step by step guide

By: Sheldon : 2020-04-05

Description: If you have a spare Server or a PC that you want to use and try out OpenStack, then you have come to the perfect step by step guide tutorial. If it is a bare metal, then you should first install a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 or later in that server before you proceed.

2. What is Puppet?

By: Sheldon : 2020-04-05

Description: Puppet is a pioneering configuration automation and deployment orchestration solution for distributed apps and infrastructure. The product was originally developed by Luke Kanies to automate tasks for sysadmins who would spend ages configuring, provisioning, troubleshooting and maintaining server operations.

3. How to get the API key for CloudStack

By: Binoy : 2018-02-14

Description: You can generate the CloudStack API Keys from the CloudStack admin portal.

4. Mac with Google Apps

By: Eskalin : 2012-10-24

Description: The google calendar has to be synced with iCal. However, the outlook calendar doesnt sync with iCal properly. These are the issues.

5. HA and DR in a cloud environment such as Amazon EC2

By: William Alexander : 2012-10-20

Description: When you have decided to move your application hosting to the cloud such as amazon ec2 instances, the common question is how can High Availability and Disaster Recovery can be achieved in a cloud environment.

6. Backup and recovery in a cloud environment such as Amazon EC2

By: Emiley J : 2012-10-20

Description: Although the High Availability design of the architecture takes care of most of the common failure points, different levels of the technical stack, from the virtual hardware to the business applications, require different approaches to backup and recovery.

7. Application Security in a cloud environment such as Amazon EC2

By: Emilley J : 2012-10-20

Description: In addition to the inbuilt security of any IAAS architecture such as Amazon EC2, the application itself should enforce security between its webservers, application servers and database servers. This is achieved by the use of Security Groups and grouping the servers in their own security groups. This is explained in the diagram below.

8. Security and Privacy Management in the Cloud

By: Emiley J : 2012-10-20

Description: Any application in the SaaS model hast to be designed from the ground up with Security and Privacy in mind. The development strategy starts by understanding the cloud application stack as shown in figure below and identifying the malicious attacker. The attacker can be of two types namely Insider and Outsider.

9. Upgrade micro instance to small instance in Amazon ec2

By: Emiley J : 2012-10-16

Description: Upgrading from a micro instance to a small instance or from a small instance to a medium instance is usually very straight forward. First you create an AMI Image of the current instance. Then once the image is created, right click on the image and 'launch instance'. Only this time you will choose the right instance type and then follow the default settings for the rest of the screens. Thats it you are done. If you have an elastic IP mapped to your old instance, just detach the IP and attach it to the new instance you created.