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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

By: Ashley J in Reviews Tutorials on 2013-03-14  

Samsung is beefing up its tablet range with its Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 which sports a pen for writing on the screen, something that Apple's iPad Mini does. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 will have an 8-inch screen which is very close to the size of the Apple tablet which has a 7.9 inch screen.

This is not the first time that Samsung makes a similar Apple product. Its very first Apple's iPad competitor had a 7-inch screen and continues to make tablets in that size too but without a pen to write.

Samung Galaxy Note 8.0 may be released in the April-June period and the price is still not known. So the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 fills the gap between its Galaxy Note 10.1 full-size tablet and the Samsung Galaxy Note II which is only 5.5 inch. The pen (Stylus) is supposed to be the advantage that Samsung tablets have over the Apple tablets. On the contrary, Apple focuses on creating interfaces that are optimized for fingers and touch-pads.

Samsung's Stylus clearly has an edge as it can be used for highlighting, writing and drawing which may be sometimes a challenge to do with fingers. Additionally the stylus can be sensed by the screens to provide hovering feature. We would say that the applications has yet to make the full advantage of the stylus. A lot depends on you guys (android developers ;) ) to image and create newer better apps that uses the stylus to its full potential.

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