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Installing and configuring Tomcat and Struts

By: Emiley J in Struts Tutorials on 2007-09-13  

Struts is still in use, but its usage has declined over the years, with more modern frameworks like Spring MVC and JavaServer Faces (JSF) gaining popularity. However, Struts still has a large user base and is actively maintained.

To install the latest version of Tomcat, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Tomcat downloads page at and download the latest version of Tomcat for your platform.

  2. Extract the downloaded archive to a suitable location on your system.

  3. Set the CATALINA_HOME environment variable to the location where you extracted Tomcat.

  4. Start Tomcat by running the bin/ script on Unix/Linux systems or the bin/startup.bat script on Windows.

To install Struts, you can follow these steps:

  1. Download the Struts framework from the official Apache Struts website at

  2. Extract the downloaded archive to a suitable location on your system.

  3. Add the Struts JAR files to your project's classpath.

  4. Configure your Struts application by creating a struts.xml configuration file and defining your action mappings, result types, and other settings.

  5. Implement your Struts action classes to handle user requests and perform business logic.

  6. Deploy your Struts application to Tomcat by copying the WAR file to the webapps directory and starting Tomcat.

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