Using class within a function in PHP

By: Albaity  

To use a PHP class within a function, you need first to load class OUT of the function and then you can use the class functions from your function.

example :
class Cart
    var $items;  // Items in our shopping cart
    // Add $num articles of $artnr to the cart
    function add_item ($artnr, $num)
        $this->items[$artnr] += $num;
    // Take $num articles of $artnr out of the cart
    function remove_item ($artnr, $num)
        if ($this->items[$artnr] > $num) {
            $this->items[$artnr] -= $num;
            return true;
        } else {
            return false;
$cart = new Cart;
function additem($var1,$var2){
$cart->add_item($var1, $var2);

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