Installing PHP 5.x with Apache 2.x on HP UX 11i and configuring PHP 5.x with Oracle 9i

By: Vinayak  

I am very glad to share this information to configure PHP 5.x work 
with Apache 2.x and Oracle 9i on HP UX 11i. 

Step 1: Install Apache 2.x with DSO support:

This is a stratight forward Apache installation with 
--enable-so option

gzip -d httpd-2_0_NN.tar.gz
tar xvf httpd-2_0_NN.tar
cd httpd-2_0_NN

./configure \
--prefix=/var/apps/apache2 \
--enable-so \
--enable-mods-shared=most \

You can add other options as required.


make install

Step 2: Install and configure PHP 5.x with Oracle 9i

Edit the ./configure file to change "$OCI8_DIR/lib" as "$OCI8_DIR/lib32" 

By default, with Oracle 9i, "$OCI8_DIR/lib" will be poiting to 
Oracle 64 bit libraries in "$OCI8_DIR/lib64" directory. 
Unfortunately, PHP 5.x does not work with 64 bit oracle shared libraries.

Run configure..

$ ./configure \
--prefix=/var/apps/php \
--with-apxs2=/var/apps/apache2/bin/apxs \
--with-oci8=/oracle/app/product/9.0.2 \
--disable-libxml \
--enable-libgcc \
--enable-ftp \
--enable-calendar \
--enable-track-vars \
--enable-trans-sid \
--enable-sigchild \
--libexecdir=/var/apps/apache2/libexec \

--enable-libgcc \
--enable-sigchild \ 

You can add other options as required. You can use the --help 
option to configure to get a complete list. 

After configure runs, you must edit the file libtool. 

$ vi ./libtool 

At line 184, you should change the line from: 


so that PHP and mod_php are properly compiled. 

3. Compile and install the files. 

Run make. This should complete normally. 

$ make 

Run make install. This will fail when it attempts to call apxs. 

$ make install 

Step 3: Configure Apache 2.x 

Edit httpd.conf file to include

For PHP 5:

LoadModule php5_module modules/

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phtml

Set environment variables in $APACHE_ROOT/bin/envvars file




After lot of hard work, by following the above procedure, we were able to make PHP 5.x is work with Apache 2.x and Oracle 9i on HP UX 11i OS.

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