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PHP ./configure RESULTING IN __rcp_thread_des[email protected]_2_2_3_... AND UNRESOLVED REFERENCES WITH ORACLE OCI8

By: D Presley in PHP Tutorials on 2011-03-25  

FOR SOLVING PHP ./configure RESULTING IN [email protected]_2_2_3_... AND 

KEYWORDS: PHP OCI OCI8 NET8 ./configure __rpc_thred_destroy UNRESOLVED REFERENCES

For building php-4.4.1 or later with oci8, make sure your LD_LIBARRY_PATH has at a minimum the following directories in its path for Oracle8i 8.1.5 or later, Oracle9i 9.0.2 or later, and Oracle9i Release 2: or later, do the following:

Note: We are not using the Oracle Instant Client here. This assumes you have an actual Oracle Installation.


Example using Oracle 9i Relase 2 --


2. Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH with:


3. On Unix / Linux, don't forget to export these environment variables:


4. Now, build PHP with the following:

./configure --with-apxs2=<path to Apache 2.0/bin/apxs> --with-oci8=$ORACLE_HOME --enable-sigchild

It should now build correctly. The key with Oracle is to ensure that you pick up the (client librariess) where X is the Oracle version associated with the version your using for instance, in the above example,

Also note that if your using Oracle 9iAS Release 2 v9.0.2, Oracle 10g iAS Release 1 v9.0.4.1, the above steps will work because ORACLE_HOME will containe all of the libraries necessary. Simply point ORACLE_HOME to the top level directory of these installations and set LD_LIBRARY_PATH as described above.

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