Generate random timestamp between two dates

By: Sir Derek G  

Here's a nifty little function that returns a random timestamp between two dates.
// Return a random timestamp between two dates (inclusive) 
// Example: Tue, 08 Nov 2004 06:47:10 GMT 
// time - Starting time string 
// Valid Examples: 
// 10 September 2001 
// next Thursday 
// last Monday 
// now 
// time2 - Ending time string 
function randomTimestamp($time = "" , $time2 = "") 

if(!$time) $time = strtotime("10 September 2000"); 
if(!$time2) $time2 = strtotime("24 November 2005"); 
$timestamp = date(" D, d M Y", rand( settype($time , int) , settype($time2 , int) )); //Must be called once before becoming random, ??? 
$timestamp = date(" D, d M Y", rand($time , $time2))." ";//Now it's random 

$h = rand(1,23); 
if(strlen($h) == 1 ) $h = "0$h"; 
$t = $h.":"; 

$d = rand(1,29); 
if(strlen($d) == 1 ) $d = "0$d"; 
$t .= $d.":"; 

$s = rand(0,59); 
if(strlen($s) == 1 ) $s = "0$s"; 
$t .= $s; 

$timestamp .= $t." GMT"; 
return $timestamp; 


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