While Loop in VB.net

By: Ramlak  

While loops keep looping while the condition they test remains true, so you use a While loop if you have a condition that will become false when you want to stop looping. Here's the While loop's syntax (note that you used to end this loop with Wend in VB6 and before—that's changed to End While now):

While condition
End While

And here's an example putting While to work:

Sub CheckWhile()
   Dim intCounter As Integer = 0
   Dim intNumber As Integer = 10
   While intNumber > 6
      intNumber -= 1
      intCounter += 1
   End While
   MsgBox("The loop ran " & intCounter & " times.")
End Sub

And here's what you see when you run this code:

The loop ran 4 times.
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Many Visual Basic functions, like EOF—which is true when you've reached the end of a file while reading from it—are explicitly constructed to return values of True or False so that you can use them to control loops such as Do and While loops.

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