Question: What is a Hidden Comment in JSP?

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Question: What is a Hidden Comment in JSP?

Answer:  A comment that documents the JSP page but is not sent to the client. The JSP engine ignores a hidden comment, and does not process any code within hidden comment tags. A hidden comment is not sent to the client, either in the displayed JSP page or the HTML page source. The hidden comment is useful when you want to hide or "comment out" part of your JSP page.

You can use any characters in the body of the comment except the closing --%> combination. If you need to use --%> in your comment, you can escape it by typing --%\>.
JSP Syntax
<%-- comment --%>

<%@ page language="java" %>
<head><title>A Hidden Comment </title></head>
<%-- This comment will not be visible to the colent in the page source --%>





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