What is Ofice 365 Home Premium

By: Eskalin  

Microsoft is re-organizing the Office 365 plans. Office 365 Home Premium is targeted towards families and households with multiple devices and can be used for non-commercial use.

This innovative plan will help reduce the number of unlicensed office software for personal use as this new Office 365 Home Premium plan aims to transform Office into a personalized, always up to date service for consumers.

Subscription to Home Premium plan enables the use of all Office client apps including, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. and it is a one-year subscription. One subscription enables installing office in 5 PCs/Macs and 5 mobile devices. Telephone support will be provided for installation and support.

As this subscription is bundled with Skype, 60 Skype world minutes per month and Skydrive storage + 20GB storage will be provided with the subscription

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