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EJB is a server side component:

By: aathishankaran in EJB Tutorials on 2007-02-20  

Enterprise Java Beans is a server side component. Enterprise JavaBeans have three steps:

  • Development

  • Deploying

  • Maintenance

1. Development: In the development stage, the bean will be created and path and the classpath will be set. Then, compile all the programs and then we create the two xml programs and a jar file

2. Deployment: In the deployment stage, the deployer takes an ejb jar file and installs it into an EJB Container. The deployer's task begins with the receipt of an ejb-jar file, and ends with the installation of the ejb-jar file in the container.

3. Maintenance: In the maintenance stage, we will register the bean and then the run the server program and compile the client and the result will be printed.

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