By: aathishankaran  

Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) is a Server Component Model for Java and is a specification for creating server side, scalable, transactional, multi-user and secure enterprise level applications.  EJB are write-once, run-anywhere, middle-tier components. Most importantly, EJB can be deployed on top of existing transaction processing systems including traditional transaction processing monitors, web servers, database servers, application servers, etc. 

EJB brings a similar concept to building enterprise applications.  Users can now focus on developing business logic with ease, while being shielded from the aspects of enterprise application development through the use of EJB components.

Hence, we are developing Distributed Component Router for Supply Chain Management System.

These applications may be written once and then deployed on any server platform that supports the Enterprise Java Beans specifications.  EJB is a component model for component transaction monitors, which are based on distributed object technologies. 

A major highlight of the EJB specification is the support for ready – made components.  This allows you to “plug and work” with off the shell EJB without having to develop or test them or have any knowledge of their inner workings.

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