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We have already seen about communication between a single client and a server in the previous tutorials, but ironically there will be many clients making requests to a single server this is called Multithreaded Socket Programming, that means a Multithreaded Server can communicate with more than one client at the same time. From the following figure you can understand how a Server can communicate with more than one client at the same time.


Creating an independent thread for each connection request of a client is the basic initiative behind Multithreaded Socket Programming .That means for each Client, there is a separate Client Thread in Server. So the Client can communicate independently with own Client Thread in Server.


The Multithreaded Socket Programming has two sections.

  • Multithreaded Server Socket Program
  • Multithreaded Client Socket Program

First you have to create both the Server and client programs then initiate the server first and then the clients(more than one in number), a separate Connection ID number is created by the server for each client program it gets associated with.

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