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By: Emiley J.  

Normally this happens when you are trying to send email from your asp page using CDONTS but your system doesn't have the cdonts.dll file. You can solve this issue by copying the cdonts.dll from any windows 2000 server (It will be normally found in the c:\winnt\system32 folder). Copy this file to your webserver and copy it to the c:\windows\system32 folder.

Just copying the file is not enough. You have to register the Active X component in that system. You can do it by following the steps below.

  1. Copy the cdonts.dll to the c:\windows\system32 folder or c"\winnt\system32 (whichever is applicable to you)
  2. Open the Command prompt
  3. Run the following command "regsvr32 cdonts.dll"
  4. You will now see a alert box that says component successfully registered.

Now you can send your emails from your asp using the CDONTS.

Sample asp to send email is given below.

    Dim HTML
    Set MyCDONTSMail2 = CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
    HTML = HTML & "<html>"
    HTML = HTML & "<body>"
	HTML = HTML & "<p align=""Center"">"
	HTML = HTML & "<h4 align=""center""><u>You can put the heading here
	HTML = HTML & "</p>"

	' The following four lines will get the form fields and values and add it to the email body.

    for x = 1 to Request.Form.count() 
        HTML = HTML & Request.Form.key(x) & " = "
        HTML = HTML & Request.Form.item(x) & "<br>"

	HTML = HTML & "</body>"
    HTML = HTML & "</html>"
    MyCDONTSMail2.From= "[email protected]"
    MyCDONTSMail2.To= "[email protected]" "[email protected]" 'if required
    MyCDONTSMail2.bcc= "[email protected]" 'if required

    MyCDONTSMail2.Subject="Your email subject"
    set MyCDONTSMail2=nothing

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1. Stewarthealf
View Tutorial          By: Stewarthealf at 2017-06-18 00:43:12

2. Thanks a lot. This really solved my problem
View Tutorial          By: Martin at 2011-09-27 02:20:38

3. Thee are still people using something so old like CDONTS
View Tutorial          By: pesh at 2011-02-08 15:37:21

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