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Applet Notinited : Applet xxxxxxxxxxxx notinited

By: Emiley J in Java Tutorials on 2007-12-03  

Applet Notinited is a frequent problem that occurs after you do an automatic upgrade of your Java version in your PC. The Java Runtime Environment that can be downloaded from internet comes with the autoupgrade option.

So whenever there is a later version of Java available, it will prompt automatically for an upgrade. If you choose to upgrade then the latest version of java will be downloaded to your computer.

This is normally a good thing. But if you are using any specific java software or any specific websites that uses applets which were designed using the previous versions of Java then it may not function properly after you upgrade to your later version.

How to solve this applet noninited issue

Just goto your control panel. And select your 'Add remove programs' page. Now scroll down and look for Java with the 'coffee cup' icon. See which are the versions installed in your computer. The chances are you will have more than one version. Select the higher version and click 'remove'. For example if you have 5.0 as well as 6.0 then remove 6.0.

During this process of removal you will have to close all your open internet explorers. Once the removal process is complete, open a new browser window and access the same page that previously showed 'Applet noninited' error. You should now be able to access that page without any problems.

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