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By: Emiley J in Java Tutorials on 2012-11-27  

What do you normally do with a File? A file is used to store your documents. Right? In Java, a file is treated as a stream of characters, objects or any primitive data types and saved in a computer file such as myexpenses.txt. Java has a basic package that contains all File related classes to handle file reading, writing and manipulating the contents.

A Stream can be defined as a continuous sequence of data. In Java, InputStream is used to read data from a source and OutputStream is used to write data to a destination. The InputStream can be the computer Console input, or a file, or a webpage content from an URL etc. Similarly, an OutputStream can be the computer monitor, a computer file, a server socket etc.

Here is a list of Java File Tutorials that will show you how to handle files in Java Programs

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