JavaBeans Component Architecture

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JavaBeans Component Architecture

The server and client tiers might also include components based on the JavaBeans component architecture (JavaBeans component) to manage the data flow between an application client or applet and components running on the J2EE server or between server components and a database. JavaBeans components are not considered J2EE components by the J2EE specification.

JavaBeans components have instance variables and get and set methods for accessing the data in the instance variables. JavaBeans components used in this way are typically simple in design and implementation, but should conform to the naming and design conventions outlined in the JavaBeans component architecture.


EJB component architecture features:

·         Stateless and stateful session beans

·         Entity beans with bean-managed persistence

·         Entity beans with container-managed persistence

·         Container-managed relationships

·         Local and remote interfaces

·         The Enterprise JavaBeans Query Language



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