Type Casting in Java

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In this tutorial we are going to see how to typecast in java. Now we are going to see the syntax and sample code to convert each and every data type into other type.

//Integer code1
public class CastExample
public static void main(String arg[])
String s=”27”;
int i=Integer.parseInt(s);
Float f=99.7f;
int i1=Integer.parseInt(f);

//Integer code2
public class CastExample
public static void main(String arg[])
String s=”27”;
int i=(int)s;

//Integer to String
int a=97;
String s=Integer.toString(a);

String s=””+a;

//Double to String
String s=Double.toString(doublevalue);

//Long to String
String s=Long.toString(longvalue);

//Float to String
String s=Float.toString(floatvalue);

//String to Integer
String s=”7”;
int i=Integer.valueOf(s).intValue();

int i = Integer.parseInt(s);

//String to Double
double a=Double.valueOf(s).doubleValue();

//String to Long
long lng=Long.valueOf(s).longValue();

long lng=Long.parseLong(s);

//String to Float
float f=Float.valueOf(s).floatValue();

//Character to Integer
char c=’9’;
int i=(char)c;

//String to Character
String s=”welcome”;
char c=(char)s;

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4. Float f=99.7f;
int i1=Integer.parseInt(f);<

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5. Looks good. This is going to be a good resource.
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public static v

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7. A narrowing primitive conversion may lose informat
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8. your second last example in above code (Character
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