Call by reference in C++ Functions

By: Babbar Ankit  

Apart from the method discussed in the first tutorial (highlighing the use of pointer arguments) , C++ provides the \'&\'(referential) operator for calling by reference.


function prototype
return-type function-name(data-type & arguement_name);
function definition

return-type function-name(data-type & arguement_name)


inside the body , the aguement is to be used as any other variable(not as pointer variable)

function call

function_name(arguement name);

//the variable is passed like any other variable of its data type and as an address

Example :: SWAP program revisited

using namespace std;

void swap_ref(int &a,int &b);
void swap_val(int a,int b);

 int main()
int a=3,b=6;
printf(“\\na=%d  b=%d”,a,b);

printf(“\\na=%d  b=%d”,a,b);
printf(“\\n a=%d  b=%d”,a,b);

return 1;

void swap_ref(int &a, int &b)
//function acceptsa reference
//to original parameter variable
void swap_val(int a, int b)

a=3  b=6
a=3  b=6
a=6  b=3

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1. @Hot Water Systems:
why do you think that replacing two ampersands with 10-12 asterisks would

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2. thank u very much to provide it,

but should be in c++ format.....

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3. example is good but in c++ we can't use printf().
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4. but it will be very simple if we use pointer in it.
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