PHP Tutorials

11. Resume or Pause File Uploads in PHP

By: micronix @ gmx . ne : 2012-12-05

Description: I have found the Solution for Resume or Pause Uploads. In this Code Snippet it is the Server Side not Client on any Desktop Program you must use byte ranges to calculate the uploaded bytes and missing of total bytes.

12. Exception in module wampmanager.exe at 000F15A0 in Windows 8

By: Emiley J : 2012-11-20

Description: Solution for the error: Exception in module wampmanager.exe at 000F15A0 in Windows 8

13. Handling file locks in PHP

By: Cory Christison : 2012-04-05

Description: 'while' can do wonders if you need something to queue writing to a file while something else has access to it. This method is not recommended for use with programs that will be needing a good few seconds to write to a file, as the while function will eat up alot of process cycles.  However, this method does work, and is easy to implement. It also groups the writing functions into one easy to use function, making life easier.

14. HTML table output using Nested for loops in PHP

By: Anonymous : 2012-04-05

Description: Nest for loops are used for handling many difficult situations such as Matrix, Recursion etc..In this example, it is shown how nested for loops are useful for outputting a data array into a table (ie. images). Additionally in this example, the Nested For Loop uses the same iterator as the parent for loop. Well formatted so the resulting code is clean when executed.

15. Count occurrences of a character in a String in PHP

By: Kani : 2012-04-05

Description: Here is another simple example for - for loops. Thsi PHP code shows how to search for a particular character in a String and count the number of occurrences of that character in that string.

16. How to make one else for two ifs in PHP

By: Marcin : 2012-04-04

Description: Here's something uncommon: How to make one else statement for two nested if conditions? aka: how to make one else for two ifs.

17. break out of an if() block in PHP

By: Strata Ranger : 2012-04-04

Description: Although most programmers are aware of this already, if for whatever reason you need to 'break' out of an if() block (which, unlike switch() is not considered a looping structure) just wrap it in an appropriate looping structure, such as a do-while(false):

18. All possible substrings in a String in PHP

By: Lukman : 2011-11-17

Description: The following code uses arrays to retrieve all possible substrings in a given string in PHP.

19. call_user_func() or call_user_func_array() functions in PHP

By: Boards : 2011-10-29

Description: Make an array of two entries where the 0th entry is the name of the class to be invoked ('self' and 'parent' work as well) and the 1st entry is the name of the function. Basically, a 'callback' variable is either a string (the name of the function) or an array (0 => 'className', 1 => 'functionName').

20. Anonymous functions as properties in Classes in PHP

By: Schaffhirt A : 2011-10-29

Description: When using anonymous functions as properties in Classes, note that there are three name scopes: one for constants, one for properties and one for methods. That means, you can use the same name for a constant, for a property and for a method at a time.