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1. Send push notifications using Expo tokens in PHP

By: Gren : 2023-05-19

Description: To send push notifications using Expo tokens in PHP, you need to use Expo's Push Notifications API. Here's an example of how you can modify your PHP code

2. PHP convert string to lower case

By: Manoj : 2023-03-22

Description: In PHP, you can convert a string to lowercase using the strtolower() function. Here is an example:

3. A Basic Example using PHP in AWS (Amazon Web Services)

By: Clay Loveless, Chief Architect, Mashery : 2022-07-03

Description: While there are a number of ways to get all these services running, including very convenient management interfaces in Firefox (such as Elasticfox), plus web-based management tools from RightScale and Scalr, we'll do it all with PHP and the API, since that's what this article is about.

4. Different versions of PHP - History and evolution of PHP

By: Andi, Stig and Derick : 2015-11-21

Description: It was eight years ago, when Rasmus Lerdorf first started developing PHP/FI. He could not have imagined that his creation would eventually lead to the development of PHP as we know it today, which is being used by millions of people. The first version of "PHP/FI," called Personal Homepage Tools/Form Interpreter, was a collection of Perl scripts in 1995. One of the basic features was a Perl-like language for handling form submissions, but it lacked many common useful language features, such as for loops.

5. Convert XML to CSV in PHP

By: David Thomas : 2014-10-06

Description: Output XML string as CSV with first row as column headers

6. PHP code to write to a CSV file for Microsoft Applications

By: Soapergem @ gmail . com : 2014-10-06

Description: I've created a function for quickly generating CSV files that work with Microsoft applications. In the field I learned a few things about generating CSVs that are not always obvious. First, since PHP is generally *nix-based, it makes sense that the line endings are always \n instead of \r\n. However, certain Microsoft programs (I'm looking at you, Access 97), will fail to recognize the CSV properly unless each line ends with \r\n. So this function changes the line endings accordingly. Secondly, if the first column heading / value of the CSV file begins with uppercase ID, certain Microsoft programs (ahem, Excel 2007) will interpret the file as being in the SYLK format rather than CSV, as described here:

7. PHP code to write to a CSV file from MySQL query

By: Jamie : 2014-10-06

Description: Utility function to output a mysql query to csv with the option to write to file or send back to the browser as a csv attachment.

8. PHP code to import from CSV file to MySQL

By: Nate : 2014-10-06

Description: After playing a while, I'm confident the following replacement function works in all cases, including the ones for which the native fputcsv function fails. If fputcsv fails to work for you (particularly with mysql csv imports), try this function as a drop-in replacement instead.

9. Password must include both numeric and alphabetic characters - Magento

By: Emiley J : 2014-02-08

Description: While installing a fresh Magento installation, some users are stuck at the 'Create Admin Account' step, with this error: 'Password must include both numeric and alphabetic characters.'. Follow this simple step to resolve this issue.

10. Resume or Pause File Uploads in PHP

By: micronix @ gmx . ne : 2012-12-05

Description: I have found the Solution for Resume or Pause Uploads. In this Code Snippet it is the Server Side not Client on any Desktop Program you must use byte ranges to calculate the uploaded bytes and missing of total bytes.