Office365 Tutorials

1. ADFS and ADFS Proxy in Windows Server 2012

By: Ashley J : 2013-01-09

Description: I had to search everywhere looking for document on setting up ADFS Proxy server in 2012. Some even said it is not supported. But it was really a simple procedure settingup ADFS and ADFS Proxy server in windows 2012. Therefore, I post this for others who may have similar issues.

2. 365 office login (office 365 login)

By: Eskalin : 2012-11-27

Description: Although seemingly a trivial question, office 365 login page seems to be a very common question among office 365 customers, especially the new ones. This tutorial is just for those new users.

3. Configure SSO for a domain with ADFS - Convert a domain to a federated domain in Office 365

By: Eskalin : 2012-11-22

Description: Follow these simple steps to convert a domain to a federated domain. Take precaution to run the windows powershell from the desktop shortcut. Right click the desktop shortcut and 'Run as administrator'

4. What is Office 365 Midsize Business Plan?

By: Eskalin : 2012-11-20

Description: Microsoft is re-organizing the Office 365 plans. Office 365 Midsize Business plan is targeted towards companies with generalist IT staff and require Enterprise Quality products with typically employees between 10-250 users.

5. What is Office 365 Small Business Premium?

By: Eskalin : 2012-11-20

Description: Microsoft is re-organizing the Office 365 plans. Office 365 Small Businsess Premium is targeted towards small businesses with 1 to 10 users or employees. It is a simple setup and no IT required

6. What is Ofice 365 Home Premium

By: Eskalin : 2012-11-20

Description: Microsoft is re-organizing the Office 365 plans. Office 365 Home Premium is targeted towards families and households with multiple devices and can be used for non-commercial use.

7. Migration from on-premise exchange 2003 to Office 365

By: Eskalin : 2012-10-24

Description: There are several considerations in terms of migration from on-premise exchange 2003 to Office 365. There is no definitive guide since there are so many ways you can approach the migration and deployment.

8. Create Word, Excel, PowerPoint using Office Web Apps in Office 365

By: Lincky : 2012-07-15

Description: Office 365 customers who sign up for E2 plan and above have Office Web Apps. Office web apps lets users create, edit and view office documents such as doc/xls/ppt using the browser even if they dont have Microsoft Office installed on their PC/laptop. However, to make this work, the administrator has to create some document templates in SharePoint before the users can use this. This is because, the documents they create are stored in SharePoint Online. To make Office web apps work the Administrator needs to do the following in SharePoint Online.

9. On-premise Exchange and Lync Online integration

By: Sachi : 2012-07-14

Description: The On-premise Exchange can be integrated with the Lync Online through this method. In fact it is not an integration but a method to achieve it. You just have to install Directory sync tool and sync all the users from your on-premise to the cloud. After that, choose the users in Office 365 and enable the lync online license for them. Thats it. Now install the lync client on the pc/laptop and the integration will work when meeting all of the following criteria.

10. Email limits and message limitations in Office 365

By: Kareem : 2012-07-13

Description: Recently a customer saw this error message "This message can't be sent. You've reached the limit on the number of messages that can be sent in a 24-hour period." in her OWA while trying to send an email. She had no clue on what is happening. After some research this is what we found out.