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Preventing your PDF files to be displayed inside other website IFrames

By: Linda Ng in WebServices Tutorials on 2023-03-29  

You can use a Content Security Policy (CSP) to prevent your PDF files from being displayed in an iframe on other websites. CSP is a security feature that allows web developers to specify which sources of content are allowed to be loaded on a web page.

To prevent your PDF files from being displayed in an iframe, you can use the frame-ancestors directive in your CSP. This directive specifies which sources are allowed to embed your content in an iframe. To prevent other websites from embedding your PDF files in an iframe, you can set the frame-ancestors directive to only allow iframes from your own domain. Here is an example of how to set the frame-ancestors directive:

Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors 'self';

This directive tells web browsers that your PDF files can only be displayed in an iframe on pages that are on the same domain as your website. This means that other websites will not be able to embed your PDF files in their own pages using iframes.

It is important to note that not all web browsers support the frame-ancestors directive, so it is recommended to also use the X-Frame-Options header as a fallback measure. Additionally, it is important to test your CSP to ensure that it is compatible with your website and does not break any functionality.

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