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Using Microsoft Authenticator for 2FA in C Sharp. (C#)

By: Niraj in csharp Tutorials on 2023-03-22  

To use Microsoft Authenticator for two-factor authentication in a C# application, you can use the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) to integrate the Authenticator into your application.

Here is a sample code snippet that demonstrates how to use MSAL to implement 2FA using Microsoft Authenticator in a C# console application:

  using Microsoft.Identity.Client;

public static async Task GetAccessTokenAsync()
    var clientId = "";
    var scopes = new[] { "" };
    var app = PublicClientApplicationBuilder.Create(clientId)
    var accounts = await app.GetAccountsAsync();
    var result = await app.AcquireTokenInteractive(scopes)
    return result.AccessToken;

In this example, you will need to replace <your client ID> with your application's client ID, and <your API scope> with the scope of the API you want to access.

This code will prompt the user to sign in using their Microsoft Authenticator app, and once authenticated, it will return an access token that can be used to access the specified API. You can modify this code to fit your specific needs and integrate it into your application accordingly.

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