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1. The History and Progress of SAP

By: Issac : 2008-11-08

Description: You would have heard this word quite a number of times "SAP". This word (or an abbreviation) which brightens many an eye. For a IT professional it symbolizes a dream career, for a customer a sigh of relief, for SAP partner a sigh of joy. "SAP" rather a small word but it has become a part or cause of life for many in a short span of time, what is it? What it does? Is what we are going to see in this article

2. Reasons for a company to implement SAP for its business process

By: Issac : 2008-11-08

Description: SAP is a business process module which helps a company to remodel its business process, fine but how it replaces the old and trusted process and gives immense returns to the company. Why should a company change the process it has been practicing all these years?

3. Sample Interview questions for SAP R/3(Part 1)

By: Issac : 2008-11-08

Description: Want a electrifying career in SAP, here are some interview questions that will thrown at you, take a sneak peak and freak out