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Reasons for a company to implement SAP for its business process

By: Issac in SAP Tutorials on 2008-11-08  

Reasons for a company to adapt SAP

There are many reasons a company selects and implements SAP -.

1. Replacing an out-dated and inefficient IT Architecture:

In the beginning, computer systems were developed by individual departments to satisfy the requirements of that particular department. When someone finally realized that benefits could be had by linking these systems together, interface heaven was born, but now many companies use thousands of interfaces replacing them with an integrated system such as SAP can save much money in support.

2. Enabling business process change -

From the start, SAP was built on a foundation of process best practices. Though you will not believe, it is probably easier (and less expensive) to change your companies processes to adapt to SAP than the other way around. Many companies have reported good success from combining a SAP implementation with a BPR project.

3. Competitive advantage -

SAP is able to accurately provide delivery promise dates for manufactured products (and meet them)

SAP is able to consolidate purchase decisions from around the globe and use that leverage when negotiating with vendors will help

SAP is able to place kiosks in stores where individual customers can enter their product specifications and then feed this data directly into its production planning process is pretty neat

For all these years we have been keep hearing about large (and very large) companies who have implemented (or are still busy implementing) SAP R/3. But SAP is gaining acceptance by smaller companies too through its SAP B1 (a newer version SAP to support the business processes of smaller and mid-sized industries). You can't turn your back on SAP learn about it, have taste of it, implement it and harvest the returns

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