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Types of Analysis - Data Science Questions?

By: Emiley J in data-science Tutorials on 2020-04-04  

descriptive analysis

Goal->Describe a set of data: Commonly applied to census data,

explaratory analysis

Goal->Find relationships you dont know - discovering new connections, correlation doesn not imply causation


Goal->Use a relatively small sample of data to say something about a bigger population - common statistical model
eg. effect of air polution control on life expectency in US from analysing 545 counties


Goal->Use data on some objects to predict values for another object - x predicts y doesnot mean x causes y
eg. how target figured out teen girl was pregnant


Goal->To find out what happens to one variable when you make another variable change - usually randomized studies (gold standard for data analysis)
eg. Like a what-if analysis


Goal->Understand the exact changes in variables that lead to changes in other variables for individual objects - physical / engineering science
eg. Mechanistic - Empirical pavement design -

Data is the second most important thing in data science. the first most important is the question that you want to solve.

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