MySQL Tutorials

11. Querying the Database in MySQL

By: Sathya Narayana : 2010-10-24

Description: When retrieving data with a SELECT query, you can order the returned rows by adding an ORDER BY clause to the command. The ORDER BY statement is followed by the column that you want to sort on, and finally you specify whether to order highest to lowest (a descending sort as indicated by DESC) or lowest to highest (an ascending sort, as indicated by ASC). ASC is the default sort, so it's assumed if neither DESC nor ASC is specified. For instance, the following command displays books in order of price, highest price first:

12. Modifying data and using WHERE clause in MySQL

By: Sathya Narayana : 2010-10-24

Description: You can modify data using the UPDATE...SET command. When using this syntax, you simply specify the table where you want to change column values after the UPDATE statement and specify which column or columns are to be affected after the SET statement.

13. Deleting Data in MySQL

By: Sathya Narayana : 2010-10-24

Description: To delete a given row or set of rows, you use the DELETE FROM...WHERE command. For instance, you can delete the book called Mr Bunny's Guide to JDO with this command:

14. What is SQL Injection

By: Emiley J. : 2008-11-23

Description: SQL Injection is a method in which an attacker inserts malicious code into queries that run on your database.

15. MySQL Strengths and Weaknesses

By: Emiley J. : 2008-11-23

Description: This article contains some information about the strengths and weaknesses of MySQL.

16. Table __________ is marked as crashed and should be repaired.

By: Emiley J. : 2008-09-18

Description: Recently a friend of mine called me at 12 midnight. His voice was shaky and had a sense of urgency. "My Site is down. Can you help me with it?". I told him, "Its midnight here, do you mind?". He didn't seem to like my sense of humour. He was in panic. I recalled that his site was entirely dynamically generated with PHP and MySQL. All the pages were dynamically generated from the database. So if the database is down, his site is down.