Hibernate Tutorials

21. Some Basic APIs in Hibernate

By: Felix : 2010-12-29

Description: Here are quick discussions about some of the API objects in Hibernate.

22. Download Hibernate latest version

By: Felix : 2010-12-28

Description: The Hibernate team provides release bundles hosted on the SourceForge File Release System, in ZIP and TGZ formats. Each release bundle contains JARs, documentation, source code, and other information.

23. Paging Through the Result Set in Hibernate

By: Sumit Pal : 2008-09-19

Description: Many a times you would need to retrieve a large number of records but on the webpage you would show them in multiple pages. For example, in a tracking application, you want to show a history tracking page, the query would return hundreds or even thousands of records. But the webpage you may want to show fifty records on a page and do a simple previous and next links or show page numbers as links to show fifty records in each page.

24. What is component mapping in hibernate?

By: Emiley J. : 2008-09-02

Description: A component is a contained object that is persisted as a value type ,not an entity reference.

25. Types of inheritence models in Hibernate

By: Emiley J. : 2008-09-02

Description: This tutorial discusses what are the types of inheritance models in Hibernate and describes how they work like vertical inheritance and horizontal.

26. Hibernate Vs. JDBC ( A comparison)

By: Emiley J. : 2008-08-15

Description: JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity allows developers to connect, query and update a database using the Structured Query Language. JDBC API standard provides Java developers to interact with different RDBMS and access table data through Java application without learning RDBMS details and using Database Specific JDBC Drivers.