Android Tutorials

11. adb.exe: no devices/emulators found

By: Gren : 2023-04-03

Description: The error message "adb.exe: no devices/emulators found" means that ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is not able to detect any connected Android devices or emulators. Here are some possible solutions

12. How to start the Android emulator

By: Gren : 2023-04-03

Description: To start an Android emulator in Android Studio, follow these steps

13. Get Location of an android phone programmatically

By: Deepak Mishra : 2023-03-19

Description: To get the location of a mobile phone in Android, you can use the LocationManager class which provides access to the system location services. Here are the general steps to get the location of a mobile phone in Android

14. Getting Started with Android

By: Emiley J : 2013-03-19

Description: As usual, when starting to learn a new programming language, you first have to get your computer ready with the tools and IDEs required to start developing. For Android programming it is very simple, just get the ADT bundle for windows and you are all set.  I am assuming you are using windows as your development platform. ADT bundle for windows is an integrated development environment with the Android SDK and Eclipse.

15. Solution to error: unable to open connection to server due to security error

By: Ashley : 2012-03-16

Description: If you are getting this error on your android device while connecting to Exchange 2010 or Office 365, it can be easily fixed. When the account is set up correctly on the phone a notification is sent to it. This has to be opened in order for the account to work. Unfortunately the phones hide the notification window or you may have missed the notification.

16. Android Send SMS and Make a phone call in Android Application

By: Ashley : 2011-10-02

Description: This sample android program shows you how to use Telephony in Android. This program demonstrates how to send SMS from your Android application. This program also shows you how to make a phone call from your Android application or Dial a number using Intent. This tutorial therefore has four different java source files.

17. Android Preferences - Using Preferences in Android Tutorial

By: Ashley : 2011-10-02

Description: This sample android program shows you how to use preferences in Android. In this program the concept of storing the user's preferences in a SharedPreferences object is demonstrated. With this sharedpreference you can store and retrieve preferences and use it in any of your activities.

The file is as follows:

18. Android Emulator

By: Ashley : 2011-08-12

Description: Android Emulator is based on QEMU emulator designed for virtual ARMv5 CPU with MMU. It has a 16bit LCD, a keyboard, Sound IO, flash memory partition (file image) and a GSM modem with simulated SIM. It runs full stack (kernel to Apps). It does dynamic binary translation from ARMv5 to x86.

19. Intent in Android to call one activity from another activity.

By: Ashley : 2011-07-17

Description: This sample android program shows you how to call an activity from another activity in Android. In this program the concept of Intent is demonstrated. Using Intent the control can be passed between different activity back and fourth. Bundles can be used to pass data from one activity to another activity. In this sample program, two activities are used. and are shown below. Some data is passed between activities to explain the concept. 

20. Reading and Writing a file to SD card sample program in Android

By: Ashley : 2011-07-03

Description: This sample android program shows you how write and read a file from SD Card in Android. In this program four buttons are shown and a Edit box. When you type some text into the edit box and click, Save to SD Card button, the text is saved to a text file and saved to the SD Card. When you click clear button, the edit box contents are cleared. When you click, Read Sd card button the file is read from the SD card and the contents are copied to the edit box.