Java Tutorials

21. Save/Write/Read image file from/to a database using Java program

By: Issac : 2012-04-04

Description: Assuming you have a table with a blob field and you want to save a file and store it in the database table or you want to read from a blob object stored in a database, you can use these below java code snippets to write file and read file from database.

22. Convert numbers to word as per Indian number system in java

By: Abhishek Singh ([email protected]) : 2011-09-07

Description: This java program converts the number to its equivalent word representation according to indian numbering system. Eg. Lakhs, Crores etc..This program works upto 999999999.

23. Bubble Sort in Java

By: SPlutard : 2011-01-29

Description: The Bubble Sort method works like this: In a series of n-1 iterations, the successive elements, list[index] and list[index + 1] of list are compared. If list[index] is greater than list[index + 1], then the elements of list[index] and list[index + 1] are swapped.

24. Palindrome String in Java

By: Grant Braught : 2011-01-27

Description: Checking if a String is a Palindrome is a common assignment given to Java students. This sample class is a helpful class that checks for various scenarios to find out if the given string is a palindrome.

25. Insert, Delete, Search, Print an int Array in Java

By: Grant Braught : 2011-01-27

Description: This sample Java program demonstrates the use of Array. In this case an int Array to be able to insert or delete an element at a specific index. To be able to search or print the array.

26. Insert, Delete, Search, Print an int Array in Java

By: Grant Braught : 2011-01-27

Description: The sample java program demonstrates sorting an int array. This class contains static methods which implement a number of classic sorting algorithms including: Insertion Sort, Selection Sort and Merge Sort.

27. HTTPS Java - URL Connection program. Using HttpsURLConnection

By: Emiley J : 2011-01-15

Description: Due to many requests from readers, this tutorial is being republished. This sample program shows you how to connect to a HTTPS url and post to it.

28. Get user input in Java

By: Marcus : 2011-01-06

Description: This Java program prompts the user to enter the name by using System.out.print() method to keep the cursor on the same line. Then using the object, along with the InputstreamReader and BufferedReader classes the user input is read. The br.readline() method reads the name from the command line. After pressing the enter key, you will get the user input

29. Download JDK

By: Dorris : 2010-12-27

Description: JDK is a software development program provided by sun Microsystems. Java Development Kit or JDK comes in various version and can be downloaded free from the sun Microsystems. JVM compiler, debugger and other tools are used with JDK for developing java based application & java applets. So make sure that your JVM compiler & JDK versions are same. 

30. String Array in Java

By: Dorris : 2010-12-27

Description: This tutorial demonstrates using string array in Java. Here, you will see how to declare a string array and the syntax for using in the program.