Supports mobile tournament games

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Supports mobile tournament games


Ozura Mobile, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nextnation Communication and a leading international publisher and developer of mobile entertainment, announced today its partnership with ChinaByte in the creation of an exclusive China-based mobile gaming community portal - MOSTAR.

MOSTAR runs on FunlogiX, the proprietary mobile gaming community platform developed by Ozura. Expected to be available to the public by first quarter of 2007, MOSTAR will feature competitive mobile game tournaments and other interactive games, community clubs and forums as well as a prize-based redemption system for active community members.

Ozura's Vice President of Marketing, H.E. Mah stated that, "As of November 2006, there are more than 430 million mobile subscribers in China, Ozura's step into penetrating this market through our collaboration with ChinaByte, will prove very rewarding and will effectively strengthen Ozura's position as Asia's largest platform provider in the mobile value added services industry."

In 2006, the number of handset users in China is expected to rise by 11% to more than 500 million in 2007 and will add another 160 million users from next year until 2010, taking the total to 660 million. China had 449 million cell phone users as of October, more than the populations of Japan and the U.S. combined.

"FunlogiX has to date, hosted mobile gaming communities with several telecommunication operators across South-East Asia, including Maxis, AIS, Indosat and XL which have collectively over 45 million mobile subscribers. With the rise of the mobile gaming trend among mobile users, these portals have enjoyed tremendous success. In a market as big as China, this success is expected to double or triple due to the sheer volume of mobile users and mobile gamers alone," continued Mah.

ChinaByte had previously partnered with Ozura in distributions deals for Ozura's premium titled games such as World Soccer 2006, 1943 Skywar, Ultimate Derby Horse Racing and Monkey King. World Soccer 2006 is currently the best selling Ozura's title in China.

About Ozura Mobile
Ozura is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nextnation Communication and is a leading international developer and publisher for mobile games and game developer engine to carriers, aggregators, mobile phone manufacturers and service providers. The company creates games for mobile phones based on the J2ME, BREW and Symbian platforms. Ozura's games are available all over the world through its distribution network of partners spanning across 130 countries. It is expected that the growth of mobile phones supporting these platforms will exceed one billion units worldwide in 2008.


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