Review: Ruggear - The world's most Rugged Phone in Singapore

By: Ashley  

RugGear phones have been ingeniously designed and engineered with built-in sensors (compass, temperature, barometer and altimeter) and intelligent applications then handsomely wrapped to withstand the most hazardous of conditions and environments. What’s more, they are all waterproof and one of them even floats!

There are also the Ex-Zone models with ATEX Certifications for sensitive combustible environments. They have been specially designed NOT to cause ignition.

A few years ago, people thought that these type of rugged phones are meant for adventure seekers, mountaineers, cyclists, sportsmen, army, NS men etc.. But it is a growing trend for normal layman to carry two phones. One for profession and normal use while another for leisure use.

Imagine, you are going for a swim or heading for the sports center. You will rather not bring your expensive iPhone. Instead these rugged phones which are waterproof, shock proof, can withstand a drop, has GPS and yet works like your normal phone are a safer and better choice.

In Singapore, Smart Source Trading is supplying these phones to local retail giants such as Mustafa Centre where you can buy them directly. Or if you are like me, you would prefer to buy it online.

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