Simplified Systems Integration

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Simplified Systems Integration

The J2EE platform is a platform-independent, full systems integration solution that creates an open marketplace in which every vendor can sell to every customer. Such a marketplace encourages vendors to compete, not by trying to lock customers into their technologies but by trying to outdo each other by providing products and services that benefit customers, such as better performance, better tools, or better customer support.

The J2EE APIs enable systems and applications integration through the following:

· Unified application model across tiers with enterprise beans · Simplified response and request mechanism with JSP pages and servlets · Reliable security model with JAAS · XML-based data interchange integration with JAXP · Simplified interoperability with the J2EE Connector Architecture · Easy database connectivity with the JDBC API · Enterprise application integration with message-driven beans and JMS, JTA, and JNDI

You can learn more about using the J2EE platform to build integrated business systems by reading J2EE Technology in Practice:

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