Comment on Tutorial - Stack example in Java - push(), pop(), empty(), search() By Henry

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Comment on Tutorial : Stack example in Java - push(), pop(), empty(), search() By Henry
import java.util.*;
class Stackdemo
public static void main(String []args)throws IOException
Stack<Integer> st=new Stack<>();
Buffer Reader br =new Buffer Reader(new InputStreamReader(;
int element,pos,choice=0;
System.out.println("stack operation");
System.out.println("1 push element");
System.out.println("2 pop element");
System.out.println("3 search for element");
System.out.println("4 exit");
System.out.println("your choice");
System.out.print("enter element:");
element =Integer.parseInt(br.readline());
Integer i=st.pop();
System.out.print("enter element");
System.out.println("element not found");
System.out.println("element found position:"+pos);


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